Ostarine 10 mg also known as MK 2866 is a SARM that has been studied in different therapeutic areas in the SARMS class, including for the treatment of cancer cachexia (muscle wasting), breast cancer, and urinary incontinence stress.

For many in the fitness community, it has provided some sense of stability and safety when compared to other drugs in the SARMS and peptides category.

So far, Ostarine Mk 2886 has established a consistent record of efficacy as an androgenic like agent. For example, in a study with healthy older men and women, a dose of 3mg per day for 12 weeks resulted in a significant 3% increase in LBM. There was also a significant fat reduction of 0.6 kg. Improved physical function measured by step climbing power increased by 15%.

It reflected an improvement in insulin sensitivity. In anaerobic exercise with the same older population sample, leg press strength and power increased by more than 22 pounds.

This substance is widely taken in the sports community for the gain of muscle mass and volume accompanied by a notable reduction in the body fat index, generally as an alternative to anabolic steroids.



Moderate anabolic effect
Moderate suppression of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis
Mild and moderate with hepatoxicity
Moderate in lipid changes.


Box of 100 tablets x 10 mg each.

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