Arimidex Anastrozole is the first in a new class of third-generation selective aromatase inhibitors. Anastrozole 1 mg works by blocking the aromatase enzyme, subsequently blocking the production of estrogens.

For the male steroid user athlete, Arimidex shows great potential. Until now, drugs like Nolvadex and Proviron have been our weapons against excess estrogen.

These drugs, especially in combination, have proven to be very effective. But the Arimidex seems to be able to do the job much more efficiently and with less hassle.

Its use is gaining popularity now, but the first reports have been excellent.

A single tablet daily, the same dose used clinically, seems to be all that is needed for an exceptional effect (even many report excellent results with only ½ tablet daily).

When used with highly aromatizable androgens like Dianabol or Testosterone, gynecomastia and fluid retention can be effectively blocked.

In combination with Finasteride, we will make great strides. With one drug minimizing estrogen conversion and another blocking 5-alpha reductase (methyltestosterone and Halotestin only), the related side effects can be effectively minimized.

Here, the strong androgen testosterone can theoretically provide incredible muscle growth while, at the same time, being as tolerable as nandrolone.

Additionally, the quality of the muscle should be higher, the athlete will appear tougher and much more defined without as much fluid retention.

It can prevent the side effects of a strongly androgenic therapy much better than Nolvadex and / or Proviron making heavy cycles much more comfortable.



A single tablet daily seems to be sufficient, many even report excellent results with just ½ tablet daily.



Box of 28 tablets of 1 mg


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