Its anabolic effects are powerful but Turinabol Wescott has weak androgenic characteristics.


Turinabol Wescott is primarily administered by athletes to promote lean muscle mass.
Ideal for athletes who want greater muscles without retaining body fluid.
Turinabol promotes appetite and gives stamina.
It prevents fatigue that generally occurs after workouts.
It is important to note that Turinabol Wescott is used for cutting cycles as well as volume, that is, it is very versatile.



Some athletes confirm that it is effective to use 50 mg of Turinabol per day, 228 mg of Trenbolone per week and 150 mg of injectable Winstrol per week.

This stack is also a good remedy for people whose body fat content has dropped due to certain diets or the administration of certain types of fat burning products, such as Cytomel, Clenbuterol, Salbutamol, Triacana and others.

This stack has the ability to help build strong and defined muscles.



Box of 100 tablets of 25 mg / cu

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