Testosterone Cypionate Landerlan is an injectable product with characteristics very similar to Testosterone Enanthate.

The increase in muscle mass that is achieved with Landerlan cypionate is quite large, thanks to it, nitrogen retention in the muscles is increased, making the protein better assimilated by them.

It also notably increases the levels of the hormone IGF-1, the growth factor of insulin, and, therefore, is associated with an increase in the amount of growth hormone produced by the body.

The mass obtained is not of great quality and definition due to the retention of fluid that occurs when consuming this substance, but it is of better quality than that obtained with testosterone enanthate.

It notably improves the recovery time between workouts, it is capable of increasing the amount of red blood cells in the blood making the amount of oxygen it carries greater, obtaining improvements in terms of resistance.



The doses that are usually used in an anabolic cycle vary between 200 and 500 mg, obviously the higher the dose, the greater the risk and probability of suffering side effects.

The usual thing is to divide this dose into two weekly injections, over 8 - 12 weeks, to maintain constant levels in the body.



It must be said that, once the cycle is finished, a therapy should be followed to promote the reactivation of natural production with HCG-PREGNYL of testosterone since, due to the external contribution of the hormone, the testicles stop producing it naturally, presenting difficulties to remain active again after the end of the cycle.



Box of 3 ampoules 2 mL each of 200 mg

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